I am a graphic designer with unique background. I am able to design everything from t-shirts to billboards and anything inbetween. Whatever your design needs, I can creatively help provide the best solution. I am kind and easy to work with in a team and as a leader due to my vast background in different industries in both calm and high stress environments with deadlines. In my younger years, my career path started in fast food at Arby's and was a manager before the end of my first year. I received my first education on customer service and leading my teams with positivity in all situations. This gave me a great opportunity of management at Old Navy as the Women's Department Manager and gained even better leadership skills. I decided to serve my country and left for the US Army in 2001 prior to 9/11. During my tours of duty, I was the senior technician of my field and deployed to Iraq multiple times leading valuable missions. My leadership excelled in more than just management; this type of leadership teaches basic humanism. In 2010, my contract ended and I spent three years trying to obtain work. My lack of education made it very hard and my wife encouraged me to gain my degree in the field I always loved. I studied at The Art Institute of Dallas earning my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic & Web Design. I am Currently a freelance Graphic Deisgner, would love to help you find your Story.